​Workday, ADP aim to better meld data, interfaces

Workday and ADP will co-invest in integrating payroll and human capital management clouds. The Workday deal comes a day after ADP tightened links with Cornerstone OnDemand.

Workday and ADP will offer further integration for joint customers as the companies meld services and user experiences in a co-development pact.

ADP and Workday have been partners since 2013 in a deal that enabled data swapping and connections between clouds. The revamped partnership will revolve around a "seamless payroll cloud" that will include ADP's payroll processing within Workday's human capital management interface, said Barbry McGann, vice president of product strategy for payroll at Workday.

In addition, the two companies have agreed to both invest in integration of data and interfaces going forward.

The main aim for the deal is to manage payroll in different countries with various processes around the world.

The ADP-Workday integration will include:

  • Local data within Workday can be validated and used by Workday.
  • Workday will use ADP's REST APIs to create dynamic pages.
  • ADP will provide legislative updates via the Workday interface.

The ADP integration will be available in Workday 27, which will launch in the second half of 2016.

For ADP, the Workday partnership comes a day after it announced a new alliance with Cornerstone OnDemand. The ADP-Cornerstone pact, forged in 2009, will target small businesses. ADP and Cornerstone initially partnered to offer a talent management suite along with payroll and HR services. Cornerstone will be available on ADP Marketplace and the two companies have better integrated data and application programming interfaces.

The Cornerstone, Workday and ADP pacts highlight how partners are moving beyond APIs and connectors to integrate interfaces too. The aim is to make integration seamless even as customers operate in different cloud services.