Workday to use IBM's cloud for development and testing

The two companies are already partners and now Workday will use IBM Cloud for dev and test.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Workday will use IBM's cloud services for its development and testing in a multi-year pact.

Under the agreement, Workday will use IBM Cloud as the foundation for its development and test operations.

Dev and test has historically been the entry point for enterprises to expand usage of a vendor's cloud. For instance, Amazon Web Services was initially used for dev and test environments before moving toward more mission critical workloads.

For Workday, IBM gives the company a more global dev and test footprint. Box is using IBM and AWS for its global expansion. IBM, which has 50 data centers in 17 countries, gets a foothold in a well-known software as a service provider and an opportunity to up sell cloud services that revolve around Watson and analytics.

IBM and Workday are already partners on the consulting and services front. IBM is also a Workday customer. Workday CFO Robynne Sisco recently said in an interview that her company likes doing business with its customers.

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