Working on the go with the iPod touch

Take an iPhone, remove the phone and what do you get? The iPod touch.
Written by Lee Lup Yuen, Contributor

Take an iPhone, remove the phone and what do you get? The iPod touch. Although it's marketed as a personal entertainment device, the iPod touch is actually powerful enough to do serious work while on the move.

- It's slimmer than the iPhone, so it's easier to carry with you on weekends and on holidays

- It has built-in WiFi with Safari web browser, so you can access your email or company websites wirelessly

- It has a large 3.5-inch colour touchscreen with multi-touch, 480 by 320 resolution. You can use it in portrait or landscape orientations, good for accessing wide websites and playing widescreen videos.

- Virtual touchscreen keyboard for input

- Flash and Java applets are NOT supported, but JavaScript and AJAX are OK

- Flash and Windows Media video are NOT supported, QuickTime video is OK

- If you need to make presentations using the built-in web browser or QuickTime video player, you can connect the iPod touch to a projector or large-screen TV using the component/composite cable.

- Removable storage is not supported, so all content must be synchronised from the PC or downloaded wirelessly. You won't be able to view document attachments like Microsoft Word and Excel.

The iPod touch coming to you by end September, so watch out for it.

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