Workplace social and email disruption costs US companies $300 billion

Sapience has created a "Big Brother" like technology to monitor, help and show employees how to use their time more effectively in the workplace.

Exposure to our digital world is creating a workplace epidemic. Employees are disrupted every 10.5 minutes by social media alerts such as IMs, tweets and Facebook messages. It then takes 23 minutes for those social media users to get back on task.

Workplace social and email disruption costs US companies $300 billion ZDNet

Reading emails takes up to 28 percent of the average day for a worker as employees send and receive an average or 112 emails daily.

The average employee spends 40 percent of their working week dealing with internal emails which add no value to the business. Its no wonder that 87 percent report they are emotionally disconnected from their jobs adding up to a 300 billion dollar loss for US Companies.

Dublin, CA. based Sapience Analytics has created a tool that is able to track everything an employee does, at every moment. The software platform - Sapience Buddy - shows employees exactly how their day is organised, helps them recover productivity and manage their time.

Using insights gained from over 200 million hours of workplace data, workers can track how they work over a period of time, track Outlook meetings and mark time away from their PC.

Patterns of daily, weekly and monthly pattern of work and a summary of goals are available as reports.

The 'Work Yoga' feature makes changes to the way user work and help them to become more productive. It also encourages workers to take a break if they become stressed. There is an Android and iOS app to manage smartphone productivity.

This enables companies and employees to be more productive in the digital world. The tool mirrors an employee's computer time and logs it accordingly.

Regardless of the concerns workers might have about privacy issues - companies and employees need to able to use technology to help each other be more productive. Team managers can get team level insights to help them streamline processes.

User data is filtered out by a privacy filter so that individual entries are generic. Sapience says that this tracking helps companies to become more "mindful" in the workplace.

According to the company, mindful workers make "fewer mistakes, better decisions, employees are happier and there are fewer HR problems".

Shirish Deodhar, co-founder and CEO of Sapience Analytics said: "Sapience Buddy is our response to serve professionals globally who are increasingly becoming conscious about the benefits of mindfulness at work".

Will employees trust the software to keep personal activities private and not spy on downtime? Cynical workers may take some convincing before giving this tool a try.

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