World Online hikes unmetered prices

As AOL hails the arrival of Friaco, World Online blames its non-appearance for the decision to cut back its flat rate offering

Only 24 hours after AOL announced its unmetered Internet access package, ISP World Online has raised the cost of its own flat rate offering.

The Dutch ISP has capped the amount of unmetered Internet time available through its two flat rate services. It also added an extra £9.26 monthly charge. World Online Freedom 24 and Freedom Lite have been capped at 100 hours and 50 hours respectively, with users having to pay 1p for every additional minute spent online.

Previously, Freedom 24 provided unlimited Internet access for £14.99. Users will now be charged £24.25 for 100 hours of Internet access. ZDNet recently reported that World Online was considering changing its pricing structure.

AOL announced yesterday that it is to roll out a flat rate Internet access service, costing £14.99, starting with its existing members.

World Online has blamed the price increases on the lack of availability of Friaco, the wholesale flat rate package for ISPs. However, AOL is adamant that its new flat rate service is built on Friaco.

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