World's first WAP ad campaign

Finnish broker sees a WAP in the market

The world's first advertising campaign using WAP technology has gone live in Finland.

The three-week campaign advertises the Finnish Web-based brokerage eQ Online by sending financial information to mobile phones. Finnish online business newspaper Kauppalehti Online sends SMS messages with exchange rates and stock prices to the mobile phones of users that have requested the service.

For those with a WAP-enabled mobile, an advertisement invites them to connect directly to eQ's Web site for further information. Those not so close to the cutting edge get an SMS message suggesting they call eQ's information hotline.

Peter Richardson, Gartner principal analyst, believes that rather than putting off early adopters of WAP technology, targeted advertising will be one of the factors the help drive the take-up of the service. "Most content providers who are ahead in terms of their understanding of this area see targeted advertising as a point of differential advantage, offering a targeted list of reliable information. Strong brands will enhance the acceptability of advertising, reassuring users of its reliability."

The company said that the campaign was "very successful", but was not able to produce any figures for the service's uptake.