World's first wireless e-bike that can also charge your phone

This sleek looking e-bike has a motor, lithium polymer battery, wireless controller, USB port and LED battery power display -- all packed inside its front wheel.

Daymak Shadow EBike

While bike enthusiasts have been known to mock electric bike riders, it's really hard to poke fun at anyone riding the sleek looking Shadow ebike, which, its manufacturers Daymak are claiming, is "the world's first wireless power-assist electric bicycle."

The almost entirely wire-free ebike has no brake or gear cables, and no unsightly wires hanging from the motor to the batteries or throttle. All the necessary wiring and electronics that do exist, are tucked away inside the bike's front wheel. That includes the motor, lithium polymer battery and the Daymak Drive controller, that wirelessly keeps the bike going. In case your cell phone is running out of juice, or your iPod needs a quick charge, the wheel also has a USB port, a charging port, and an LED battery power display.

A regenerative braking system works to send power back to the batteries, also converting the wheel into a generator.

And this thing is still a bicycle!

The Shadow Ebike comes with a 250W or 350W electric motor, and a 36V 10AH lithium-ion battery that gives it an average range of about 12 to 15 miles on pure electric power. The bike can go up to 22-25 miles with pedal-assist. Charging takes about four hours and the battery will stay functional for about 700-800 cycles.

Daymak also promises that each Shadow Ebike's wireless component is paired and the likelihood of interference from another wireless network or hackers is less than one in a billion. The use of wireless technology, though, gives Daymak the freedom to set up future Shadow bikes with capabilities to interact with smartphones or even PCs.

Daymak is currently selling the Shadow ebike for a cool $1,999. Which is clearly an expensive way to bike to work -- but hey, at least you know your cell phone will be charged.

Via Gizmag

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