Would American politics be more interesting if we had a Sex Party?

Every so often, I sit down and write a headline that I never, in my wildest imagination, ever expected to write.

Every so often, I sit down and write a headline that I never, in my wildest imagination, ever expected to write. The one above is one such headline.

What makes this all so interesting is that there actually is a Sex Party (link slightly not-safe-for-work). It's an actual, registered political party in Australia.

Makes you think about moving to Australia, doesn't it?

According to its platform, the Australian Sex Party is:

is an attempt to restore the balance between sexual privacy and sexual publicity that has been severely distorted by morals campaigners and prudish politicians.

The Party takes on a variety of issues across the spectrum of censorship, equality, education, health, child protection, workplace relations, business, and even religion.

In fact, the Sex Party apparently has a bone to pick with religion. Their platform explicitly states that they want to "Convene a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in the nation’s religious institutions." Further, the Sex Party wants to repeal the tax exempt status offered to religions in Australia.

But what about, you know, the sex?

In the area of health, they want to enact no-fault abortions, to allow women to not only choose, but choose without hassle whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. On the other hand, they also want to require sexual dysfunction drugs like Viagra to be listed as part of their medical benefits scheme.

Their platform goes on to deal with anti-discrimination issues, censorship issues, and other obvious problem areas for a sexually free society.

Interestingly, there's also a tech side to the Sex Party, both in terms of their political platform and the challenges in delivering their message.

They want to enact R and X ratings for games, but overturn Australia's unique content filtering, which prevents many Australians from gaining access to good, old-fashioned porn. The Sex Party's premise is that filtering is something that can be done by citizens and parents, and shouldn't be an act of the State.

Unfortunately, the Sex Party is up against a bit of a challenge getting their message out. Even though they're a real, bona fide political party, their Web site and outbound communication is often being filtered out of corporate and public Web browsing.

Why? Well, as it turns out, the name "Australian Sex Party" contains, you know, the word "sex".

So, what do you think? Should we have a Sex Party here in America? If we did have one, who should be the American Sex Party's presidential nominee?

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