Would you buy a Facebook phone?

All this talk about a possible official Facebook phone makes me want to ask one simple question; if it ever sees the light of day, would consumers even be interested in buying one?

With the Facebook phone rumor coming back in full force last week, everyone wanted to know why Facebook might bother. So I'm asking you, my readers: would you buy a Facebook phone? Please vote in the poll below:

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Palo Alto's official stance on the growing number of unofficial Facebook phones is that they are a prime example of a manufacturer using the company's public APIs to innovate in the mobile space. The social networking giant won't let any mobile manufacturer market any of their devices as a "Facebook phone" but at the same time it quietly hopes more Facebook-integrated devices will be rolled out.

Nevertheless, the rumor of an official Facebook phone keeps coming back. Publicly, the company insists that its strategy does not have anything to do with building its own phone: instead, it is happy helping everyone else leverage the social network on their platforms. That could one day change, though it's still unclear why Facebook would want to offer its own phone.

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