Wow. Survey shows nearly one-third of journalists don't use social media or read blogs

Large numbers of journalists continue to hold out against social media and social networks...

The Society For New Communications Research (SNCR) published the 2nd Annual Middleberg/SNCR Survey of Media in the Wired World.

It found that there was a large increase in the number of journalists using social networks, Twitter, reading blogs, watching online video, and listening to podcasts, as part of their work. Those results were expected. But if you look at the survey results from another angle, the findings are shocking. It's unbelievable how many journalists are not doing those things. Take a look:

- More than 30 per cent of journalists do not use social networking sites.

- 52 per cent of journalists don't use Twitter.

- One-third of journalists do not read blogs.

- More than half don't watch videos online.

- 75 percent of journalists do not listen to podcasts.

Yet 91 percent "agree that new media and communications tools and technologies are enhancing journalism to some extent."

This is extraordinary. I can't imagine not using social media and social networks, blogs, Twitter, etc. My job would be ten times more difficult. Why are so many journalists refusing to use these valuable research tools? It's mind boggling. You'd think it was 2005. This is a luddite mentality. Do they think it will all go away? It won't, but they will. I can't imagine a media organization employing journalists that don't have the skills to use all the resources available to them. [The survey polled 341 journalists.] - - - [Please note: I am a Founding Fellow of SNCR - a think tank based in Palo Alto.]