WSJ Office Network: digital news distribution platform targets office workers

WSJ Office Network broadcasts WSJ and building content.


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Office Network broadcasts Wall Street Journal content throughout the business day on large-format high-definition LCD flatscreens strategically placed in office building lobbies in several cities.

Launched last month, the WSJ Office Network is currently comprised of office buildings in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Chicago. Commercial property owners partner, on a revenue share basis, with The Wall Street Journal to host the broadcast platform in the common areas of their office buildings.

The WSJ Office Network broadcasts WSJ content and advertisements and also features commercial messaging and announcements provided by the office building hosts.

L. Gordon Crovitz, executive vice president, Dow Jones & Company and publisher, The Wall Street Journal, said the WSJ Office Network:

leverages our premier brand and content, taking the Journal into an entirely new distribution channel that provides a dynamic, location-based digital platform. We know from our research that people increasingly want access to our news however, whenever and wherever they need it, so the introduction of The Wall Street Journal Office Network is consistent with our strategy of delivering award-winning news and information across multiple distribution channels.

Wall Street Journal content broadcast by WSJ Office Network includes four journal sections and headlines:

  • What’s News
  • Marketplace
  • Money & Investing
  • Personal Journal and Weekend Journal

The WSJ Office Network also enables office buildings to display building announcements and sell advertising to building tenants; building content is managed via a PC-based, secure portal.