Xbox mod chip released

An Australian firm says it has released a Linux-compatible mod chip for Microsoft's Xbox

A company based in Melbourne claims to have released a mod-chip for Microsoft's Xbox games console that allows users to play homebrew games, original imports, run debug executables and is Linux-compatible.

The company, OzXChip, claim they have avoided any legal hassles by using the open-source Cromwell Linux BIOS. The chip is easily "flashed," as well.

According to OzXChip's Web site: "By using the Cromwell Linux bios and the freely downloadable OzXFlash software you can flash your OzXChip with your bios of choice without the need to plug a programmer and modchip into your PC".

It seems it could be only a matter of time before code-cutters the world over will be running their code of choice on the Xbox, much to the ire of Microsoft.

OzXChip claim that it has been swamped with demand for the new mod-chip.

"Orders may be delayed for a few days due to the huge number of orders we are receiving since the release of OzXFlash," its Web site says.

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