​Xerox aims to take child support payments mobile

Xerox, via its services arm and portal ExpertPay, are creating an app to facilitate child support payments.

Xerox is planning to launch a mobile app for child support payments on June 1 via its ExpertPay site.

The app and new user interface will arrive for ExpertPay, which is a payment site that gives employers a process to submit child support payments. Xerox, through its services unit, powers child support payment infrastructure via its technology and services for states such Arizona, California, Louisiana and Ohio to name a few.


Xerox's processes 54 percent of the child support collections in the U.S. Xerox collects a transaction fee for the payments, which are typically delivered via ACH. ExpertPay handles $2 billion in child support payments a year.

According to Xerox, the ExpertPay app will be designed for employers that have to withhold child support from wages and payers. The app will also allow email notifications and messaging, transaction history and bank account changes. The ExpertPay app will be similar to Xerox's Way2GO card system, which provides child support via a debit card.