Xerox launches print ecommerce platform for SMEs in Brazil

Print giant offers the creation of online storefronts, rides on automation trend

Xerox has launched a new offering in Brazil to allow small and medium-sized print companies to do business online more easily and automate processes for the final consumer.

The product, Box2Print, is offered in partnership with print ecommerce specialist PrintOne and enables the creation of an online storefront with a range of resources according to the products and services the company offers.

Under the online shop set up through Box2Print, companies will be able to offer templates for print products, including stationery, promotional material and other print items that can be fully customized.

The web to print environments, which can be set up and be operational within 24 hours, also offer an automated workflow to process the payment of print orders and also and fulfill them.

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According to Xerox, the new offering represents the arrival of the web to print concept to the consumer market in a "simplified" manner.

The Xerox launch doesn't necessarily mark the start of the practice of doing print business using web sites in Brazil, as there is a range of local online startups that have been doing just that.

However, the fact that a print giant is bringing the web to print model to the mainstream could help traditional companies move towards automation. It can also help these companies adapt to changes in the production chain that are required in order to cope with variable data, the case in personalized products.

Workflow automation is one of the trends that are invariably mentioned by large companies in the printing segment for 2015, as it drives efficiency, as well as cost reduction: according to Xerox, the web to print model reduces total printing costs by about 30 percent.