Xiaomi adopts round-the-clock sales model in Brazil

Company abandons event-based sales approach in the country
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer on

Mobile phone maker Xiaomi announced that it will now sell its products round-the-clock rather than the sales events that marked the start of its operation in Brazil.

Since the Chinese company began operations in the country in July, customers could only purchase items online at a set date and time.

At the time of the Brazil launch in July, customers were let down as the company's website couldn't meet the demand during the initial sales event, with the smartphones selling out within a few hours.

Under the new model, customers interested in Xiaomi's single smartphone model available in Brazil, Redmi2, can do so at any time. Special events will still take place, but only for product launches.

This follows the manufacturer's global strategy for new markets, where a normal sales model is adopted as soon as the company is able to fulfil local demand appropriately.

The first batch of Xiaomi devices was imported. Going forward, Apple manufacturer Foxconn will produce the Chinese company's phones in its São Paulo countryside factory.

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