Xircom to support Handspring

Visor gets Ethernet, modem, wireless support

Xircom has announced that it is extending its handheld PC support to Handspring, the Palm Pilot clone maker.

The company is to develop communications-based Springboard expansion modules for Handspring's Visor handheld PC.

Xircom said that it will provide a variety of Springboard modules integrating Ethernet, modem and wireless technologies giving Visor users access to networked data and the Internet. The first products will rolled out in the second quarter and will include Ethernet, 56K modem, GSM, PDC, Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless LAN Springboard modules. The Visor's USB support for wireless LANs is one of its advantages over the Palm.

The Visor, which was developed by Palm's co-founders, is based on the Palm OS. The Springboard is an external expansion slot for adding additional software and hardware modules. The technology is plug and play, meaning that there are no software drivers or special adapters needed to add modules.

A UK release date has not yet been set for the Visor, although it is available through the Handspring Web site.

Xircom also announced two new members of its CompactCard Windows CE family.

The CompactCard Modem 56 GlobalACCESS (£89 + VAT) gives 56K connection speeds and features CountrySelect software for worldwide configuration. The CompactCard GSM (£79 + VAT) connects to the major GSM handsets. It includes a communications suite with a phonebook programme and a utility for viewing, logging, sending and receiving SMS messages.

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