Xpedio extends Web content

With workgroups pushing Intranet Solutions Inc.'s Intra.

With workgroups pushing Intranet Solutions Inc.'s Intra.doc document and Web content management system to its limits, the company has created an enterprise application for large, mission-critical projects.

Xpedio, which will be announced this week, is a scalable platform for deploying Web applications that use a lot of content. The software is designed to help users manage the content of Web sites and for transaction-based client/server and Web applications, said officials in Eden Prairie, Minn.

At the heart of the Xpedio platform is Xpedio Content Server, which is based on the company's Intra.doc Java server engine. Key server functions include PDF-to-HTML conversions; indexing; search and metadata management; library services; and workflow, personalization and usage tracking.

Along with the server, IntraNet Solutions will release two "Application Modules," Xpedio Content Publisher and Xpedio ReportSite.

Carlson Hospitality Corp., in Minneapolis, has used Intra.doc and its reporting features to publish more than 80 sales, accounting and reservation reports for its vacation property and restaurant businesses, which include Radisson Hotels International Inc. and TGI Friday's Inc.

According to Robert Richards, director of Web technologies for Carlson Hospitality, the company plans to expand its system from 300 to 1,200 users over the next six months and add more companywide information with the Xpedio offerings.

"There's heavy costs associated with that much printed copy, and publishing it online means more people have access to it more quickly," Richards said. "[The IntraNet system] is very easy to customize and is very cost-effective."

Xpedio Content Publisher includes templates for automatically publishing standard business documents, while Xpedio Report Site helps streamline publishing and distribution of reports across an enterprise or extranet.

Xpedio Content Server and Xpedio ReportSite are slated to be available next month; Xpedio Content Publisher is due in December. Content Server is priced at $125,000, Xpedio ReportSite at $50,000 and Xpedio Content Publisher at $50,000. Pricing is for one to eight CPUs.

IntraNet Solutions can be reached at (800) 989-8774 or www. intranetsol.com.