Y2K hoax a 'serious issue', says Microsoft

Customers are receiving a bogus email that includes a Trojan Horse attachment.

Another year 2000 email hoax is circulating the Internet, and it is being described by Microsoft as a "serious issue".

The company has found that customers are receiving bogus email purporting to be from Support@Microsoft.com. An attachment includes a Trojan Horse that, when executed, takes a user's personal information (including password, login and user name).

The mail reads as follows:

From: support@microsoft.com

Subject: Microsoft Announcement

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 23:37:05 +0200

To All Microsoft Users,

We are excited to announce the Microsoft Year 2000 Counter.

Start the countdown NOW.

Let us all get in the 21 Century.

Let us lead the way to the future and we will get YOU there FASTER and SAFER.

Microsoft encourages users not to open any email attachment unless they know what it is and who it is from. The company also recommends that users keep their anti-virus files updated.

More information about the virus is available at www.microsoft.com/y2k/hoax/hoax2.htm.