Yahoo acquiring mobile marketing startup Sparq

Along with the usual glowing sentiments about the new ownership, Sparq's CEO noted the current service will be shut down.


Continuing along with its mobile-first strategy, Yahoo is adding some extra fuel to the marketing side with the acquisition of Sparq.

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The Seattle-based startup launched in 2010, focusing on mobile marketing by trying to link up and streamline the user experience across mobile devices.

Championing the ubiquity element so inherent thanks to cloud, mobile and social trends, Sparq touts that its platform can push "mobile users into customers by making it easier to buy, share and consume products, services and content wherever the user is."

Sparq CEO and founder Jesse Chor confirmed the news in a blog post on Tuesday afternoon.

Along with the usual sentiments and words thanking investors and expressing excitement about the new ownership, Chor also noted that Sparq will be terminating its current service immediately.

The company is in the process of reaching out to existing customers with support details. Current clients with further questions about the transition can also touch base with Sparq via email.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.