Yahoo CEO: Yahoo benefits from 'largest, most engaged audience' on Web

Semel: Yahoo derives “more value for and from our large, engaged audience.

In reporting Yahoo’s Second Quarter 2006 Financial Results today, Terry Semel, Yahoo CEO, repeatedly emphasized Yahoo’s success in establishing the “Internet’s most valuable audience through deep and engaged relationships.”

According to Semel, Yahoo initiatives are “big, global” and have the potential to make tremendous impact.

Semel stressed how Yahoo derives “more value for, and from, our large, engaged audience.”

Key user and customer metrics for Yahoo’s “large, engaged audience,” as of end of Q2'06:

  • Yahoo reaches 1 out of every 2 people on global Internet
  • 412 million unique visitors
  • 208 million active registered users
  • 3.9 billion daily average page views
  • 14.3 million unique paying relationships
  • Yahoo Answers traction in seven months:
    50 million unique users worldwide, 75 million answers.