Yahoo, DeNA expand business alliance

Yahoo and DeNA are planning to expand and collaborate on PC and mobile game offerings.

Yahoo and Japanese social gaming and e-commerce firm DeNA have deepened their business alliance to expand their collaboration on PC technology and bring it to mobile devices.

dena yahoo gaming alliance

Under the terms of the deal, the firms will try to extend PC technology to mobile devices in response to Japan's rapid adoption of products including smartphones and tablet computers. Additionally, the companies plan to connect Yahoo's 26 million active user IDs and loyalty point systems with DeNA's platforms -- so users can switch quickly between each service. 

Connecting accounts in this way is a chance to "explore other opportunities" according to the companies. This may not only be a method to gain additional subscribers, but could be a way to further monetize social gaming through purchases and advertising.

Yahoo Japan and DeNA currently run a PC-based social game platform called Yahoo Mobage, a two-year old service with over 9 million registered users. As well as potentially bringing this platform to smartphones and tablets, the firms intend to carry on the joint development of PC games.

In the fiscal year ending March 2012, DeNA generated sales worth $1.8 billion.