Yahoo! gets real with details for its carbon-neutral project

Yahoo! has coughed up more details for its plan to go carbon-neutral by the end of this year.

Yahoo! has coughed up more details for its plan to go carbon-neutral by the end of this year. The projects were researched and selected by their brandy new director of climate strategy and energy, Christina Page, who used to be with the Rocky Mountain Institute.

The Internet giant has selected two projects, after a review of about 100 different possibilities (some of them suggested by Yahoo! users). Christina writes about how she selected the projects in the Yodel Anecdotal blog. In fact, on her first day on the job at Yahoo! she flew down to Brazil to suss out one of her options. “We’re being as transparent as possible about this. We want as many people to jump on this as possible,” she says.

The first Yahoo! thumbs-up goes to a hydropower program in western Brazil through EcoSecurities (a company that handles and organizes emission reduction projects). The Brazilian effort will provide power to a small community, Catorce de Abril, that has been pretty much isolated from the country’s main electrical grid. The second one involves wind turbines in western and southern Indian (an effort being managed by Cantor CO2e).

As a company, Yahoo! also continues to invest in programs that help its employees decided to be more environmentally responsible. For example, it runs a biodiesel-powered, WiFi-enabled shuttle bus (fondly called the Green Guzzler) from San Francisco to its campus down in Silicon Valley.

And its new facility in Quincy, Washington, which will be run entirely off clean energy, is supposed to come online in the very near future, according to Page.


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