Yahoo! hearing: French lawyers react

Satisfaction on one side, caution and disappointment on the other

Christophe Pecnard, Yahoo!'s lawyer: "We continue to believe that in engaging this procedure, organisations have mistaken opponents. We will continue to work on this case, but cannot tell you at this point whether or not we will appeal. We are disappointed by the consequences of the decision. It leads to a partitioning of localities. We have no wish for other countries to follow in this direction."

Marc Knobel, member of the director committee of the League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra, the main litigant): "I am satisfied with this measure, even if it isn’t 100 percent efficient. We will not tolerate racism. I call for resistance from all Internet users. The Internet is what you make it. If this kind of "junk" is being sold, then rebel! Sweep the cybershops, make your voice be heard. Your voice is the voice of humanity, the one that says no to racism, no to anti-semitism, no to genocidal crimes."

Stephane Lilti, council of the French Jewish Student Union (UEJF): "This decision is exemplary because it was granted in the name of public morals, the principals that drive democratic societies. Yahoo! now has two choices: the first is to comply with the decision, effective in France, the second is to fight. I can’t imagine that such a company, a giant of the internet economy, can afford to withstand a decision that is justifiable and necessary. Yahoo! will have to resolve itself to backing the content that it chooses to publish. One cannot spread propaganda without knowing it."

Marc Levy, Licra's lawyer: "The judge wanted to give Yahoo! the time to sort out its technical dispositions. Three months, in my opinion, is extremely generous. Yahoo! has already benefitted from many delays. I am confident that Yahoo! will give in... and will at last comply with this decision."

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