Yahoo launches 'Captain' text message bot for reminders, to-do lists

Yahoo wants to make family coordination a breeze with its new Captain text messaging bot.

(Image: Yahoo)

Yahoo on Monday launched a new text messaging bot, called Captain, which enables individuals and families to manage to-do lists and reminders. The bot is now available in the US.

The Captain bot doesn't require a download. You can start using the bot by texting "Hi" to 773-786.

Captain will allow you and your family to remind one another about tasks that need to be completed throughout the day. Yahoo also included list support, which can be added to at any time. For example, you and your partner could keep the weekly grocery list updated just by texting the bot.

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"Gone are the days of interrupting your spouse's workday with updated carpool information and fielding text messages from your kids about what they need from the store," wrote Shani Clark, senior director of product management at Yahoo, in a blog post.

Yahoo has posted a full list of commands, including how to discard tasks and add group members. You can also ask what is coming up during the day.

Captain is available for free. Standard messaging rates apply. Sprint customers will need to unblock shortened links to begin using the bot.

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