Yahoo logo alternatives: The design that should have been used

Yahoo's new logo hasn't immediately captured our imagination, but do the offerings of other designers?
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For the first time in 18 years, Yahoo unveiled a new logo last week -- but like many of the company's recent design overhauls, it was met with criticism across the board.

While the company's new CEO Marissa Mayer personally thanked the designer, intern Max Ma, the employee may have had other ideas when it came down to the design that should have been chosen.

On Max Ma's personal website -- which has since been taken down -- the intern posted an alternative design, according to Business Insider:

A quick scout on Twitter seems to show a marked preference for the alternative design, but the Yahoo intern isn't the only one who created designs that are more attractive than the new, official logo.

DesignCrowd.com, a design crowdsourcing website, issued a competition for their designer pool to come up with something better. For a $200 prize -- which is likely far less than Yahoo paid out -- 242 designs were submitted. The competition may have been simply for fun, but arguably a number are better:

The winning design

Via: Huffington Post | DesignCrowd.com

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