Yahoo says goodbye to certain subject lines

In an attempt to thwart the MyDoom virus, Yahoo will block messages with suspect subject lines, including 'hi' and 'hello'

Yahoo has announced it will reject messages with certain subject lines to combat delays incurred due to the MyDoom virus.

In an advisory to Yahoo Groups members, the company said it would be rejecting emails based on a Symantec security advisory on the MyDoom worm.

"Due to a recent outbreak of computer viruses being transmitted via email messages, Yahoo Groups is experiencing delays in delivering group messages," read the advisory. "To improve performance, and to help reduce the spread of viruses, Yahoo Groups has had to temporarily reject some messages."

"We can assure you that this is only a temporary measure and hope to restore message delivery to normal as soon as possible," read the advisory.

Yahoo Groups will reject messages with the following subject lines: test, hi, hello, Mail Delivery System, Mail Transaction Failed, Server Report, Status Error.

Yahoo was unable to comment prior to publication of this article.