Yahoo! victim of Net credit card scam

If, as P. T. Barnum said, a sucker is born every minute, let's hope they haven't hit the Internet yet. If so, the hucksters are waiting to take their money.

The second credit-card scam to hit the Net in as many weeks was mass E-mailed to users of the Internet on Thursday. The letter mimicked a contest from leading Internet search company Yahoo! Inc.

"We were very upset that someone was trying to impersonate our service," said Katie Burke, senior producer of Yahoo! Mail. "We are trying to alert the people who might have responded to the mail [with their credit card number]."

Yahoo! has so far been contacted by 100 people that sent credit card information in response to the hoax, said Burke. Because the scam used an Internet service provider with which Yahoo! is not affiliated, the company did not know how many people may have actually responded to the message.

With spelling and grammar errors, the latest E-mail scam is hardly convincing, but Burke thought users hoping for free goods