Yahoo Video 'make your own video' makes users brand ambassadors

Yahoo Video may not be the “leader in Internet video search,


Yahoo Video may not be the “leader in Internet video search,” that honor belongs to YouTube, but it is certainly leading the way in engaging its users to create and upload original videos.

In conjunction with the official rollout of its new home page, Yahoo has developed a special micro-site aimed at soliciting, and facilitating, original consumer videos celebrating Yahoo’s new look.

According to Cammie Dunaway, Chief Marketing Officer, Yahoo:

Today’s Internet users are passionate about expressing themselves and contributing to the online conversation that is occurring every day among the estimated 500 million users of Yahoo branded Web properties around the world. We encourage these talented people to join us in celebrating the new Yahoo home page with their own personal videos.

The most unique aspect of the Yahoo Video “make-your-own-video” campaign is the turn-key creative tools Yahoo provides users in order to simplify the video creation process. Yahoo’s marketing and branding prowess are also evident; the user-created videos are designed to incorporate Yahoo messaging and logos.

Yahoo’s “make-your-own video” site calls out to Yahoo users:

Watch the videos. Then direct your own. Our Yahoo is changing. Your Yahoo is changing.

To celebrate, we’re asking everyone to help us share the good news. Lights, camera, director’s toolkit.

Just follow these easy steps.

  1. First, download a sample script. Or you can write your own.
  2. Make your own video look legit—download a Yahoo logo and yodel, too.
  3. Film your video and upload it right here.

Yahoo theme scripts provided include:

  • Therapy
  • Telephone
  • Park Bench
  • Car Ride

The Yahoo “Car Ride” script is:

“Car Ride”: 15 seconds. Open on a husband and wife driving in a car.

WIFE: Where were you last night?

HUSBAND: I told you poker with the guys, a few beers, that was it.

WIFE: Poker? Poker? You were at work playing with your Yahoo!

HUSBAND: Oh, like you’ve never done that before?

TITLE: The new Check it out.

Yahoo will select the best submissions to feature in its ongoing advertising on the Yahoo network.