Yahoo: We trump MySpace, Facebook

The social media battle continues.

The Yahoo vs. MySpace battle is an intense one.

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Terry Semel, Yahoo CEO, has focused on Yahoo Social Media as one of the company’s three core strengths—along with search and display advertising—in both Q3 and Q4 earnings calls.

Semel on Yahoo Social Media now:

Yahoo! Answers has become the largest collection of human knowledge on the web in just over a year since its initial launch, having now grown to almost 75 million unique monthly users worldwide….


Our ultimate goal is to encourage every user on Yahoo to participate in the consumption and publishing of information and knowledge through tagging, reviewing, sharing and other social media activities...

Together, Yahoo Answers. Flickr,, and Yahoo! Video have surpassed 100 million monthly users, continuing our position as a leading force in social media.

Interestingly enough within this group, 50% of our users are under the age of 35. To put that into perspective, it puts us ahead of properties such as MySpace and Facebook in this attractive demographic.

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