Yet another (virtually) free PC offer

Free PCs have now become fashionable with yet another company, Logitext, jumping on the latest bandwagon.

This week the company launched its "PC Passport" deal promising its customers the first ever free PC. The Logitext website proclaims: "We will not be the last, but we are certainly the first in the UK to supply a FREE PC."

Logitext is indeed offering a 333MHz PC to those who sign up for its Internet service. But in truth this is about as "free" as all the other deals floating around.

For a "free" PC customers must pay a £299 deposit and agree to pay £15 per month for Logitext's Internet service for a minimum of three years. This works out at £720 for a fairly modest computer.

Although Logitext has said they will update the PC after three years, by that time a 333MHz PC will be positively pre-historic