Young people do not trust offshoring

Recent research shows that a big percentage of young call center customers believe that their security is compromised by using offshore call centers.

Young people don't trust overseas call centers and are critical of companies that outsource work to offshore locations.

In a recent poll of call center customers in which three-quarters of respondents were aged between 20 and 29, 40 percent believe their security is compromised by using offshore call centers.

Just over half said company location affects their buying decisions, and one in three said offshoring is bad for a business' image.

The survey was conducted earlier this year by Blue Prism, a maker of an automated customer system, and Sheffield Hallam University.

Call centre security was brought to the fore in April 2005 when three Indian call centre workers were arrested for stealing US$350,000 from the accounts of Citibank customers and then again in June of that year when a Sun reporter was able to buy sensitive information such as bank account and driving licence details from an Indian call center employee.

More recently Indian IT trade association Nasscom launched an initiative to set security and privacy standards for offshore operations.

It has pointed out in the past that there is fraud and cases of lax security at call centre operations in all parts of the world.

Sylvia Carr of reported from London.