Your chance to tell Gearbox why Duke Nukem Forever sucked

Have your say on Duke Nukem Forever.

Game developer Gearbox is looking for feedback from gamers on its Duke Nukem Forever title, presumably to find out why people thought it sucked so much.

The title was release in June following 12 years worth of delays, but the game failed to live us to the high hopes that gamers had for it. Well, Gearbox want to know what went wrong!


This is a survey for Duke Nukem Forever. Gearbox prides itself in listening to the community, and this is your chance to tell us how you feel about Duke Nukem Forever. You may participate in this survey if you have played or have not played Duke Nukem Forever. Please answer the following questions.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go tell em what you thought of the game!

If you want to know more about the games then I suggest you watch TotalBiscuit’s excellent three-part review of the game. This guy simultaneously manages to offer up a decent review and hilariously riffs the game while playing.

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