Your modern house: too skinny for Santa?

Chimney fit for Santa is the result of a design critique and polite request from a young British boy.

At the urgent request of a young Brit, an architecture firm in the UK has redesigned a chimney to better accommodate Santa Claus and his girth. After examining the chimney in his sleek new home, the very concerned young boy wrote a polite letter to the architect and the developer for help.

Jeremy Paxton, developer of Lower Mill Estate, and Andy Ramus of AR Design Studio, were happy to oblige since all the houses on the estates incorporate some kind of customization by the owners.

The new chimney size, shown in the diagram below, is based on a mathematical formula that calculates the risk factor of trapping Santa. To ensure the chimney will be adequate, a prototype will be tested by a man dressed as Santa the week before the holiday.

Diagram by AR Design Studio

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