"You're having a laugh": Security experts slam BBC PDA plans

A company not renowned for its security...
Written by Pia Heikkila, Contributor

A company not renowned for its security...

Security experts have called the BBC's ban on non-Microsoft palmtops unnecessary and hasty. silicon.com exposed last week that the BBC was banning all handheld devices that don't run MS operating system Pocket PC2002. The broadcast giant's decision has sparked a reaction from the security industry, which labelled the decision as hasty and urged the BBC to re-evaluate its wireless security strategy. Tomas Bill, CEO of wireless security specialist Pointsec, said the BBC should set up a tight security policy instead on imposing rules that won't work He told silicon.com: "It doesn't sound like a well thought decision to me. A lot of workers are going to be going against the ban anyway, it will be difficult to supervise who is using these palmtops and who is not. "My advice for the company would be to lay down a decent security policy which states what is allowed and what is not." Jose Lopez, security analyst at Frost and Sullivan, said the corporation's choice of operating system is not the best one. He said: "I'm not sure Microsoft's operating system is the best one available in the market in terms of security. If this is their conclusion it is respectable but until mid-2003 there will be many more solutions available to the market that are likely to provide stronger security," he said. The BBC was unavailable for comment.
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