ZAGG launches Power Amp portable chargers that adjust output to each device

The maker of premium accessories for mobile devices unveils a line of portable batteries that senses what it is charging and adjusts accordingly.


ZAGG, long a maker of outstanding accessories for mobile devices, has introduced a line of external power packs to keep gadgets charged on the go. The Power Amp family consists of four battery packs with increasing capacities to fit the owner's needs.

Power Amp 18

What sets the ZAGG battery packs apart from the crowd is the Quick Chip technology integrated in each one. According to the company the packs can instantly detect hundreds of mobile devices and adjust the output charge to the optimum for each gadget. This is designed to provide the fastest charge possible which will get the owner back in action quickly.

The four Power Amp chargers are available in increasing capacities: 3,000, 6,000, 12,000, and 18,000 mAh. The two smaller packs are designed for keeping smartphones charged and are not much bigger than those gadgets. The two larger ones are longer and can charge multiple devices at the same time. All Power Amp battery packs have an integrated flashlight, a handy tool for road trips.

The Power Amp packs are available from ZAGG for $29.99 to $99.99.