ZDNet cloudTV coming soon

Cloud is mainstream, and increasingly central to business technology strategy. 72 percent of Australian and New Zealand businesses (ANZ) and 66 percent of their Asian counterparts use at least one form of cloud, according to recent ZDNet research.

As part of ZDNet's increased focus on cloud content, look out for cloudTV starting 12 May.  This is a series of video interviews with CIOs, non-tech businesses leaders, and industry analysts.  We get the lowdown from these opinion leaders about: the value of cloud from a business perspective; six key benefits of cloud; the five main cloud hurdles to overcome; how cloud requires new thinking by the senior leadership team collectively; how it impacts, respectively, the CIO, the CFO, the CMO, and the chief talent officer; and how cloud security must be addressed.

Each interview will be reported in two formats — a 6-minute to 8-minute piece, and a summary piece of approximately 1 minute.

Miao Song, Group CIO at Golden Agri-Resources

For example, Miao Song, group CIO at Golden Agri-Resources talks about how cloud can help free up CIOs from looking after in-house infrastructure to focus on business change: "to be part of the business as a business leader rather than just as an IT leader".  Miao Song also talks of the need to retrain staff in managing vendors because vendor management in a cloud environment is different. Click here for the sneak preview.

Other interviews will feature businesses from a variety of industry sectors and countries, including Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other APAC economies. 


Drew Graham, CTO at eVantage Technology

In this preview Drew Graham, CTO of consultancy eVantage Technology, talks about the five main hurdles businesses must overcome in moving to cloud computing.

Check back for the full interviews with Miao Song, Drew, and other business leaders starting 12 May.

For further cloud content, in addition to our daily cloud articles, check out ZDNet's Cloud Priorities research, which reports the perspectives of more than 500 businesses in each of Asia and ANZ.  Findings from US, Europe and India are coming soon.