ZDNet Great Debate: The majority think Samsung will be an enterprise player

Samsung is challenging Apple in the consumer smartphone and tablet market, and is really starting to focus on the enterprise. I lost this debate as the majority also feel that Samsung is on the right path to success in business.

Earlier this week, I participated in another ZDNet Great Debate. This time I took on Matt Baxter-Reynolds in an attempt to defend an answer to " Can Samsung out-Apple Apple in BYOD? . I was arguing that Samsung cannot and that Apple will hold its own against Samsung, but Larry Dignan ruled in favor of the crowd with this one, as the key word in the debate is "can".

Samsung is a force to be reckoned with today, leading Android by a significant margin and continues to release products that sell millions. As Larry stated, Samsung has all the parts to be an enterprise player, and they are making attempts at doing so with Knox and LEAP technology in their latest smartphones.

The debate was enjoyable, as always, and I appreciated hearing Matt's perspective on the topic. I still think Apple will be hard to knock out as they, too, are making waves in the enterprise, but no matter what happens, the mobile world will continue to be dynamic and exciting for consumers and businesses.