ZDNetGovWeek: Healthcare.gov says Accenture in, CGI out, plus gov less stupid than usual

It's been a quiet week for government news the world over. That doesn't mean everyone in government is avoiding doing stupid things. It's just that last year's stupid things are getting old, and this year's stupid things haven't yet trickled up into news stories. No worries: if there's government, there's stupid. Stay tuned.

ZDNet's worldwide team provides global 24/7 technology news and analysis. In addition to my own coverage analysis here in the ZDNet Government column and on ZDNet's DIY-IT, every week I'll bring you a selection of the best government-related articles posted by our intrepid reporters and analysts. Here are some of the most interesting from the last week.

Top stories this week

Obama administration to kick CGI Federal off healthcare.gov
Reports say that the administration will be signing a contract with Accenture to take over healthcare.gov web site operations from CGI Federal.

Enterprise computing in the post-Snowden era
Edward Snowden didn't just disclose embarrassing details about the NSA. He also exposed weaknesses in enterprise security. How much will things really change?

The NSA's impact on US datacenter hosting
Will all these revelations impact the datacenter hosting business?

Other government coverage around ZDNet

Adobe investigated by data watchdog over massive security breach
Ireland's Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is handling the investigation into Adobe's breach affecting all non-US customers.

Singapore issues tax guidance on Bitcoins
Singapore's tax authority has outlined where tax is payable on Bitcoin transactions made by its local businesses.

French privacy commission issues maximum penalty on Google
After two years of denying to French data protection groups that its unified privacy policy breaches privacy legislation, Google has been issued with the maximum possible fine by France's privacy commission.

Defence drops plans to consolidate IT services contracts
The Australian Department of Defence has dropped plans mulled last year to combine two crucial IT services contracts held by Fujitsu and Unisys.

Human Services seeks IT services panel
The Australian Department of Human Services is seeking between 25 and 40 companies to join its ICT Services Panel.

Startup Empeopled jumps to Lavabit's aid against the US govt
A single startup is fighting to have its voice heard alongside Lavabit in a legal case aimed at defending the Fourth Amendment from the US government itself.