ZDNetGovWeek: Retail cybersecurity improves, but NSA box opening may hurt tech markets

This week, the vast majority of our government tech news revolves around cybersecurity, and, by extension, which is the lesser of two evils. We're seeing some awareness improvements in retail, but the price of America's protection against terrorism may be the loss of jobs and tech leadership around the globe.

ZDNet's worldwide team provides global 24/7 technology news and analysis. In addition to my own coverage analysis here in the ZDNet Government column and on ZDNet's DIY-IT, every week I'll bring you a selection of the best government-related articles posted by our intrepid reporters and analysts. Here are some of the most interesting from the last week.

Top stories this week

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Most tech giants doing better at protecting data
Last year, only one ISP achieved six out of six stars in protecting user data. Now, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, among a handful of others, have stepped up.

Target, JC Penney among new ragtag retail cybersecurity team
They join the likes of Safeway and Lowe's in the Retail Industry Leaders Association, a collaborative organization aimed at helping retailers share threat data.

Cisco's NSA problem is going to whack all of US tech's growth plans
Will emerging markets really buy routers, servers and storage systems from US enterprise tech giants now that it's obvious the NSA intercepts them en route to install spying gear?

Al Franken fights for net hyperbole
To think that net neutrality is a free speech issue, you need to take misunderstanding of the Internet to a new level of fantasy.

Other government coverage around ZDNet

Australians targeted in hacker raids
Australian authorities have joined a co-ordinated global crackdown on computer hackers who use software known as Blackshades for sinister purposes.

Ten Brazilian female tech innovators you should know
As the government and private sector focus on improving Brazil's innovation ecosystem, many local women are working to foster this environment by connecting people, ideas and turning ideas into reality. We list some of the females making a difference in the Brazilian technology innovation scene.

Brazil makes progress in the innovation front
While Brazil's progress compares favorably to other Latin American and Caribbean nations, there are still concerns around skills development.

Australia trails only the US in data requests
The Silk data request database reveals that the United States makes 3,085 requests per million internet users, followed by Australia on 2,870 requests per million, then France, UK, and Germany.

MyBroadband cost up to $223k
The Department of Communications has spent AU$223,225 so far on the set up and running of its MyBroadband speed test and broadband information website.

Should we force governments to get a court order before they can conceal zero-day flaws?
Cisco wants the US government to get court approval before it can sit on security flaws without telling the vendor.

Google's Schmidt says Europe's 'right to be forgotten' ruling got it wrong
Did Europe's highest court strike the wrong balance between the right to know and the right to be forgotten? Google's Eric Schmidt thinks so.

Coalition seeks to break Conroy's NBN committee dominance
The Australian government wants a less Conrovian NBN committee with Coalition senators voting against extending the Senate Select Committee's life to the end of the first term of the Abbott government.

Is Google's next product in the White House privacy report?
OPINION: The 2014 White House Report on Big Data and Privacy was widely discussed, but one unmentioned section of the report reads like Google's five-year product projection.