ZDS back in the server game

An old name, albeit under a new parent, is throwing its hat back into the server ring.

Zenith Data Systems (ZDS), now a division of Packard Bell NEC, today demonstrated its 200MHz Pentium Pro-based Express5800 MH4000, a family of servers based on an in-house designed motherboard.

The server supports up to four CPUs with up to 512Kb cache on each chip and configured with 64Mb ECC RAM (expandable to 4Gb)as standard. The server packs PCI Ultra-SCSI-3 controllers for hard drives and external peripherals. Pricing was unavailable at time of press.

The release is the first in series of initiatives the firm is making in a bid to win up to a 20 per cent share of the fast-growing server market. In September, it plans to release Pentium II-based servers with integrated Mylex RAID controllers; in December, an eight-CPU machine is planned.