Zetta.net updates its cloud backup service for Windows

Zetta.net is one of a number of companies offering cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services. Version 4.5 of Zetta's DataProtect is designed to deliver an appliance-free ability to backup server images.

Zetta.net recently announced a new version, version 4.5, of its DataProtect cloud-based backup product. This product appears to tightly focus on the needs of Microsoft Windows Server-based systems.

Some DataProtect 4.5 details

Here are the points Zetta.net believes distinguish its products from other cloud-based backup products:

  • DataProtect 4.5 is designed to sync full server images from customer sites or from systems running in a cloud service providers data center. No backup appliance or staging server is needed.
  • Customers can begin recovery from any location having an Internet connection. There is no need to wait for a replacement backup appliance.
  • Since server images are saved in the native Windows VHD format, they can be restored on both physical and virtual servers that support Windows Server. This capability makes it possible for images to be restored starting with a physical system to another physical system, physical system to virtual system, from one virtual system to another and from a virtual system onto physical system.
  • DataProtect's direct-to-cloud function also supports SQL Server and Exchange server backups.
  • Zetta.net's customers now have the ability to apply two factor authentication; that is, customers must supply both a password and a secondary verification code to restore data. The verification code can be sent to a specified mobile device.


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A number of companies have decided that companies could both improve the overall reliability of their IT infrastructure and reduce their overall costs by backing up systems to their cloud-based storage rather than using more traditional local backup options.

Zetta.net isn't alone in offering this type of service. Depending upon the target system, services from Acronis, Amazon, Google, HP, Iron Mountain, Microsoft and many others offer interesting options.

For the most part, suppliers are using cloud backup as a low cost teaser with the goal of persuading customers that their service performs well and is reliable. Later, these vendors hope, customers will choose to use other services they're offering.

Zetta.net isn't following the usual pattern. Their primary service is backup and disaster recovery. The company is hoping that by using Microsoft's VHD format, Windows users will find their service attractive and useful.

Since many companies are deploying workloads on mainframes, midrange systems running UNIX or a single vendor's operating system, Windows and Linux in their data center, a product focused only on Windows will not be the best cloud backup offering to select.

Companies that have chosen Windows as their only server operating environment will find Zetta's services easy to use, however.