Zettagrid says its cloud automation makes cloud easy

Perth-based Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider, Zettagrid, says its focus is offering fully automated cloud services, reports David Hazan.

"Complete automation" is a big part of Zettagrid's competitive advantage when it comes to its various IaaS offerings, according to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Nicki Pereira.

Zettagrid CTO Nicki Pereira

Part of the Zetta Group, Zettagrid was founded in Perth, Australia in 2010. The group's 140 full-time staff deliver ISP services, as well as the cloud offerings.

Zettagrid provides cloud desktops, disaster recovery, replication, storage, and public and hybrid cloud solutions, both for corporate and government clients.

The company supplies over 3000 virtual machines to its clients, which include business integrators and software-as-a-service providers as well as end-user businesses. Clients include security vendor Manage Protect, the Asthma Foundation, and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

As well as becoming Australia's first VMware vCloud-powered provider in 2011, Zettagrid was ProPartner of the Year for disaster recovery specialist Veeam in 2012. Zettagrid's other major partners include Telstra, Juniper and Microsoft.

Pereira says when it comes to the cloud, "there’s still a bit of uncertainty among government agencies." Zettagrid is looking to distinguish itself as a reliable cloud provider to government agencies and its inclusion on "the Multi Use List is a way to verify that," he says.

Datacentres in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, as well as points of presence in every other state, enable Zettagrid to provide services suited to the demands of the customer, as some clients require data to be "kept and governed by the laws of the state and we're able to do that as well," adds Pereira.

Zettagrid claims to be the world's first automated service. All that a prospective client has to do, says Pereira, is to "go to the website, procure a service and we'll deliver it within minutes." Further enhancing this process will be a major focus over the next two years.

Ultimately, Zettagrid says it prioritises quick and efficient provision of cloud infrastructure.

"Our advantage is we take existing products … and integrate larger providers," says Pereira. "You just want to run your business and that's where our focus is."