Zignal Labs launches command center to drive social channel insights

Tracking stories on social media, in traditional print publications, news, television, and more 24/7 in real time is hard. Managing and analysing these stories to take action is also a challenge. Zignal's command centre aims to give you the social intelligence you need to take action

Social data allows brands, businesses and organizations to see a just a piece of the full conversation. But every medium, including traditional online and print media, TV, forums, and blogs should be analysed too.

Zignal Labs launches command center to drive social channel insights ZDNet

San Francisco based real time media analytics company Zignal Labs, has launched its Command Center to visualize and action insights for decision-making.

The Command Center is a large screen display system that graphically shows real-time cross media story-tracking platform. It aims to make big data easy to act upon.

The tool offers insights across all media channels. Customers can see stories relevant to their brands unfold, spot trends and take action.

Users can rotate screens between multiple custom user views, scale their display options and customize what they want to see based on workflow preferences.

Dashboards provide a high-level view to enable users to make decisions. Users can click on any of the information and go down to the individual news story, blog post, or tweet.

Customers will be able to determine how a specific story is gaining momentum and detect how stories and trends are being shared across different media.

Users can create alerts based on time, volume, and keywords or filters to ensure that you can get an alert anytime an important issue gets mentioned once or crosses a certain mention volume over time.

The dashboard analyses the sentiment of stories, and demographics, such as gender and age mix of the community. Using natural language processing and machine learning, the tool attributes sentiment to the stories.

Users can add insights by manually changing sentiment to enhance accuracy and capture the complete context.

The company has created partnerships across data providers to provide tracking and insights across channels from social media to television

Adam Beaugh, President of Zignal Labs. "Whether users are monitoring a marketing campaign, auditing the health of their brand or managing a crisis, organizations should not be required to use multiple tools to aggregate information and share insights across the enterprise".

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