ZipTel secures white-label MOU with SpeedCast

ZipTel's ZipT application and platform will be rebranded under SpeedCast's SpeedTalk portfolio as part of an exclusive white-label partnership between the two companies.

ZipTel has secured a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with global satellite communications service provider SpeedCast for an exclusive white-label partnership.

Under the agreement, SpeedCast will white label ZipTel's ZipT application and platform, which will be rebranded under SpeedCast's SpeedTalk portfolio of voice products and services.

The ZipT platform, which was only released to the market in December, is a mobile-based international communications application that will allow people to send text messages and make international calls for free to other people with the app.

The rebranded product is expected to be aimed at SpeedCast's existing customer base, such as industries including cellular, maritime, oil and gas, mining, and government, before the company looks at opportunities to scale out across traditional satellite service providers.

According to ZipTel, SpeedCast has been testing the ZipT in several field locations around the world, at a static rate of 10Kbps. Regions included Australia, Papa New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

ZipTel added that once rebranded, the product will provide remote workers with the ability to communicate globally from remote locations. It said it will allow users to top up accounts on a prepaid service and make phone calls from any smartphone when connected over a satellite in a low-bandwidth environment, as low as 8Kbps, in which they frequently operate.

ZipTel's co-founder and CEO Bert Mondello said that the agreement opens up opportunities for the company to expand into the global enterprise market.

"This agreement substantially enhances the global distribution of the ZipT product, and will bring a significant and steady revenue stream for ZipTel. Furthermore, it provides third-party endorsement and validation of our product for the consumer and enterprise market," he said.

Late last year, ZipTel raised AU$5 million in an institutional share placement to help drive the uptake of its ZipT smartphone platform.