Zoho updates CRM; adds location, sales mail filter

Zoho, a cloud CRM provider, updated its tools with MailMagnet, which sorts email based on active sales leads.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Zoho updated its customer relationship management software and included three features that allows sales customers to find contacts close to them as well as cut down on email clutter.

The update, delivered on Tuesday, has the following features:

  • Document library, a module that allows CRM users to collaborate, store and manage sales materials such as presentations. The document library is integrated with Zoho Office and has 250MB of free storage per user. Enterprise customers get 500MB of free storage per user.
  • MailMagnet, a feature that filters email to highlight active deals in Zoho CRM. MailMagnet integrates with Zoho Mail, Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and other services.
  • And Android and iOS updates that allow sales people to locate customers and leads based on their location.


Of the features, MailMagnet is arguably the most handy. MailMagnet is free for users with the Mail add-on enabled in CRM. Document library and the location service are free add-ons for existing subscribers. Pricing is to be determined on MailMagnet, said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.


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