Zoho upgrades CRM, touts 25,000 customers

The Zoho CRM upgrade includes a new interface, third party integration and deal tracking.

Zoho on Thursday rolled out an upgrade of its CRM module including features that track leads, integrate with LinkedIn as well as its presentation app.

The company, a SaaS provider that caters to small businesses, has been introducing a new interface throughout its services. Zoho CRM will now get the new interface as a default. Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna said there are 40 new features in Zoho CRM.

Among the key features:

  • A pulse module that allows users to track a deal, contact or account within Zoho CRM. Users define rules based on how often they want to be notified. These Twitter-like notifications are becoming the price of admission in multiple SaaS applications.
  • Zoho is integrating with LinkedIn to build out contacts and leads. For instance, emails and names can be linked to current employers and other details surfaced on LinkedIn.
  • Creator integration. Zoho's Creator is an online presentation tool and via CRM integration users can pull in modules---custom travel apps for instance---without programming.
  • WebHooks, which integrates with other systems. If you wanted an accounting system update every time a deal closes Webhooks would be the way. Users can create a rule that whenever data changes there can be a call on a URL or third party application, said Vegesna.