ZoomSphere delivers social customer care module for its platform

ZoomSphere social media tool has added functions to its platform for brands and businesses to manage customers' inbound social media messages.

Social media management is a challenge for many for brands and businesses. The range of activities needed by brands are many and varied. Brands demand an effective way to easily manage the plethora of social channels.

Publishing, scheduling, content management, data analysis, social media monitoring, customer care and reporting often span many tools to manage outbound communications.

Prague, Czech Republic social media management company ZoomSphere has released a new customer care module for its social monitoring platform.

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The module collates incoming messages from all social media sites and allows them to be tracked, assigned to staff, and archived, from within the platform itself.

The management platform costs 400 Euros per month.

The tool has a content calendar, data analytics, keyword monitoring and data comparisons on customised dashboards.

Reports can be created using a combination of modules

Customers can now reply, like, favourite, and retweet without having to log in to each social network individually.

The module automatically generates statistical data on incoming messages and creates meaningful CRM information based on the messenger.

Incoming messages are dealt with by rules that are applied whenever a message is received.

Email notifications are unique to each message or messenger can speed up replies and improve customer service.

There is also integration with Klout to see the score of a publisher to help identify influencers for the brand.

Jakub Mach, CEO & Founder of ZoomSphere said: "This new addition to the ZoomSphere platform brings next level professional customer care and support to brands using social media to engage with their customers."

Message histories appear in a single feed, and can be tagged and labelled for segmentation. Messages and conversations can be archived for a complete history. Customer conversations can now be tracked right back to the original issue.

Any improvement to customer service over social media has got to be good for the customer - and will improve brand perception. A tool like this is certainly worth a a closer look.

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