ZTE announces new lease-to-own program for mobile devices

ZTE continues to actively engage customers in the US through high quality, reasonably priced products. The new hardware payment program lowers the entry barrier to new buyers.

I've checked out a couple ZTE products this year, including the ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector and ZTE Axon Pro. Both were high quality products with reasonable prices.

Today, ZTE announced a new lease-to-own program that makes it every easier to get one of its products into your hands. We've seen Apple, US wireless carriers, and Google all launching hardware payment plans over the last several months. As ZTE continues to actively target the US market, it makes sense to offer convenient payment options.

Lixin Cheng, CEO and chairman of ZTE USA, stated:

We are introducing leasing options because we believe advanced mobile technology should be available to everyone. We also want the experience of purchasing and using a ZTE device to be easy for any consumer. How customers want to pay versus the amount they are comfortable paying are equally important - and ZTE can provide the best of both worlds.

The new ZTE plan, provided through SmartPay Leasing Inc., let's you select the lease period from six to 24 months. You can also pay off the lease early without penalty.

ZTE states that you can upgrade your current device at any time, as long as your payments are current, by turning in a device in good working order. This almost seems too good to be true, but with a limited number of devices currently available I'm not yet sure how much benefit this option provides.

Don't forget that ZTE also has the Axon Passport warranty program available in the US that is provided free of charge with specific Axon devices. There is a deductible charge to replace a device, but no service charge like Apple and Google charge.