ZTE joins global push for wireless charging

The Chinese telecoms company joins Power Matters Alliance, dedicated to bringing standardized wireless charging technology to the next generation of mobile devices.

Chinese telecoms company ZTE has joined Power Matters Alliance (PMA), to push for the development of wireless charging technology.


"With the evolution of consumer electronics, the average number of products consumers use is growing. Despite improving the efficiency and level of access these devices provide, consumers remain tethered to a range of charging devices and power cords," noted the company in a press release.

PMA is a wireless charging standards organization that has emerged to establish guidelines and standardize an infrastructure for the future of wireless power. The grouping also boasts thelikes of Google, AT&T and Starbucks as members.

ZTE pointed out the need for a standardized wireless charging infrastructure stemmed from the current environment, where terminal units differed in power parameter requirements and wireless charging was confined to only a few handsets and certain geographical regions.

" Battery life has always been a challenge for manufacturers of smartphones as well as a bottleneck in advancing smartphone development," said Kan Yulun, corporate vice president of ZTE and CTO of the ZTE mobile device division.