Zuora launching an app marketplace for subscription businesses

For Zuora, the debut of RBM Connect marks another strategic move in light of what it refers to as the growing "subscription economy."

Zuora, a business set up to help other businesses manage their online subscription models, is launching a new app marketplace of its own.

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Dubbed RBM Connect, the marketplace already hosts 57 apps from its global technology partner base as well as from system integrators and developers.

Many of these apps hone in on services such as configure-price-quote (CPQ), financial planning, e-signatures and ERP integrations, among other billing and finance solutions.

Among them include price-to-quote software maker (and Salesforce Ventures-fueled startup) SteelBrick, mobile-first enterprise performance management company Tidemark, and revenue recognition software provider Leeyo.

A tech company -- let alone a cloud or software brand -- is seemingly nothing without an app store these days.

"Companies such as Salesforce.com, Amazon, Netflix, and Box heralded the shift to subscription-based business models, but today, companies in nearly every industry, including consumer goods, education, energy, financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecom, are looking for ways to participate," observed Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo, in prepared remarks.

For Zuora, the debut of RBM Connect marks another strategic move in light of what the Foster City, Calif.-based company refers to as the growing "subscription economy," or the demand for more agile systems pumped with customer data and metrics -- all in all producing far more revenue for less (or at least easier to manage) work at the end of the day.